Oceanview Core Values

Work should never feel like a burden. That’s our mantra here at Oceanview Landscape. We strive to provide an environment that allows people to do work they enjoy, while also making sure they’re never too overburdened to spend time with their family, see their friends and enjoy their hobbies.

Here’s what we value at Oceanview:


We strive for perfection and customer satisfaction in our work. We don’t just do the jobs, we do the jobs right.


We believe each member of our team is responsible for their own actions and work ethic. We keep each other accountable for being a team player, responsible for delivering quality work to our customers and we make sure we all do our part.


We make sure our team respects each other, our customers and even our competitors regardless of background or circumstance. We simply don’t tolerate anybody who can’t follow our company culture of respect.


On all of our jobs, everybody has their part to play. We stress the importance of working together as a team with all of our management and divisions to provide the best possible outcome, where nobody is better than anybody else just because of their title or experience.


We value the word “family” here. Not only is it important for our team members to feel like we are all a part of a family here, but having time to spend outside of working with people and activities you enjoy is something we want everybody on our team to have.


Oceanview isn’t just a landscaping company. We actively work to be a chapter in our employees’ lives that they look back fondly upon. We take internal criticism to heart and are always striving to be a better company to work for, not just a better business to hire.