We don’t view working at Oceanview as just another manual labor gig or another office job. We look to give our employees career and personal satisfaction, where we help build skills that will lead to long term improvement.

We work hard, but never exhaust ourselves where our team sees work as a burden rather than a place to grow.



Interested in working with us?

Please submit a resume to career@oceanviewlandscape.com  and if we think you’ll be a good fit, somebody on our team will give you a call.



We always want to make sure that our applicants will meet the skill expected out of Oceanview Landscape and present themselves well for our customers, so we require a two or three interview process before hiring for all of our field, office and management positions. We also do a personality assessment for our management and office staff before the final stage to make sure that you would  be a good fit into our company culture and family here at Oceanview

Interested in learning and working in the landscaping industry or looking for a new place to work if you have experience already? Feel free to walk in and introduce yourself. We also offer a referral bonus to our current employees for bringing a new worker in. This all comes with extensive training to our new hires to promote safety and give our new employees the extra touch of care and quality that Oceanview requires out of our landscaping team.

If Oceanview sounds like the right fit for you, please give us a call at (631) 283-1663 today!